It is always best to have a fair idea about the cages before you go out and get yourself a pet and that too, a hamster. A hamster, who is going to spend the majority of their time in a cage should have the best hamster cage and also the ones who are going to provide them with the best environment for living.


If you wander about in a pet shop, the most evident kind of cage that is on their shelf is that of the wire cages. It is not that the cages are of the conventional sizes because the customers tend to buy the ones which are comparatively cheaper. This mindset definitely needs to change because if you want to give your pet a happy life, you have got spend more for their necessities.

Size of the cage:

The conventional and standard size of the cage suitable for a hamster measures around 360-400 sq. inches. This is not the maximum but actually the minimum size and should be bought according to the size of your respective hamster.

It is best to go for the cages that are larger in size because the ammonia accumulation in a small cage can lead to several problems for the hamster. A large metal wired cage with a solid metal or plastic base is the ideal one for your small fluffy friend. It is best to avoid the all metal wire cage because the chance of the hamster getting injured is quite high in those.

Safety precautions:

While metal wire cages are the best options when it comes to providing housing for a hamster, there are some safety precautions that need to be kept into account to avoid any kinds of mishaps or injury.

Hamsters are animals which don’t sit idle. They are very active and tend to find an escape for getting away from the cage.

It is best to check the cage before buying and then purchasing the strong and sturdy ones who cannot easily to bitten and chewed off. The bar spacing is very important too. It is best to buy the ones with less bar spacing, so they don’t escape through the gaps.

Another important thing about metal wire cages is that it is best to look out for the ones which have a solid metal or plastic floor. The holed wire floor is not only dangerous for the hamsters but also lets the poop from away through the gaps, and it becomes very hard to clean it.

Wire cages are less complicated when it comes to the design and this makes it easier for the owner to clean them easily. Not just that, the wire cages also provide better ventilation for the hamster and lets it roam around if there are levels in the cage. The activity is very necessary for the overall good health of the hamster.