Insight into how to make dwarf hamsters stop biting the cage

Hamsters tend to bite their cages and not only is it dangerous but they also tend to leave behind a lot of injuries in their mouth. They mainly do it for three main reasons:

  • For grabbing your attention
  • Teeth growth
  • Just for the sake of chewing

It is very important to note the point that dwarf hamsters are already very dainty and small, any additional injury might not be good for them. This article is mainly to tell you how to make dwarf hamsters stop biting the cage.

  • Let them play around:

What would you do if I told you that I was going to trap you in a cage for the entirety of your life? Sounds confining, right? Well, the same happens with the hamsters as well when they are trying to bite the cage off in order to set themselves free from the confinements. This problem can be solved by letting them roam around you in a hamster proof region, so they don’t get hurt. You can also buy an exercise ball for them, and a daily exercise in that will surely help them feel free and not bored or confined.

Before you let them out of the cage, make sure to remove all the electrical wire and important things out of the reach of the hamster, so they don’t chew it. Giving them the liberty to play around freely is sure to help divert their minds off the cage biting.

  • Get them toys and a bigger cage:

It is always good to provide your hamster with a spacious living area with a number of levels in their cage for their recreation and so that they don’t get bored. It is very important to provide them with toys as well, so they are engaged with them, and their mind doesn’t drift off to the cage and biting it.

  • Give them wood to chew:

It is not always that your hamster is bored and that’s why he is chewing on the cage. It can also happen to be because of the growing teeth. A hamster’s teeth tend to grow all throughout their life and stopping chewing may result in the outgrowth of their teeth which can be very painful for them. It is best to give them a piece of wood or a toy of sorts to let them chew on. In that way, they won’t chew on the metal wires and not hurt themselves.

  • Change the cage:

If all the ways of getting to stop the chewing fails, the last option at hand is to change the type of cage. You can switch to the glass aquarium kind of cages which has no place to chew on. This can help a lot and rid them of the habit. But it is best to keep the chewing toys and the other facilities for them in that cage as well, so they don’t feel weird in their new environment. It is best to understand your pet to provide the best for them